GIS day: Celebrating GIS

Every 3rd Wednesday of November, GIS Day is celebrated to build and nurture the growing GIS community as well as helping the public discover and explore the benefits of GIS.

GIS Day basically gives GIS users a platform to demonstrate real world GIS applications that impact our society.

Global warming and climate change, degradation of natural resources and ecosystems, insecurity due to war and terrorism, exponential population growth, poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water, spread of infectious diseases are just but some of the world’s biggest problems.

GIS helps to solve these problems through its application in sectors like disaster planning, monitoring and response, agriculture, climatology, environmental monitoring, urban planning, geology and geophysics, public health and military.

Since its inception in 1999, GIS Day is now a global event with more than 700 events taking place annually. It was pioneered by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), global leading GIS Company best known for its ArcGIS desktop software often described as the “World’s most powerful GIS software”.

You can participate by following us on social media: Facebook, Twitter & Blog , sharing your story, and attending #GISDayinUoN_2016.



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