#GISDayinUoN_2016 – The highlights

The Geospatial and Space Technology Department and Geospatial Students Association (GESA) have commemorated GIS day for the more than 10 years.This year’s event will take place on 16th November at the Civil Engineering Lecturer Theatre (CELT), Civil Engineering Block from 9 am.

Academia, the student fraternity, industry players will meet, interact, learn and showcase GIS technologies and applications that are contributing to the sustainable development of our society. Real life application of GIS technologies in various sector such as urban planning, environmental monitoring will be presented.

Highlights of this year’s event is a presentation by Award winning Prof Mulaku G.C. (Professor of Surveying), PhD. The one time Dean of the School of Engineering and Chairman of the Survey department (now Geospatial and Space Technology) specializes in Geoinformatics and visualization, Cadastral studies and GIS/Land Management Information Systems.

Special presentations will include one from Oakar Services Ltd., the main event sponsors, on photogrammetry, Land Surveying and GIS.

Apart from learning more about useful GIS technologies, students also stand a chance to win awesome prizes in a poster contest. Submitted posters should be made using any Oakar distributed software such as Geomedia, ERDAS Imagine and the best shall win.

Participate by following the buzz on social media: Facebook, Twitter& Blog, submit a poster and pop in and attend the event.


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